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Welcome to Ivy & Wild..

So here at Ivy & Wild if its anything to do with Florals and Foliage, we are here for it!!

My Names Jade, and I have been a florist for like, ever! I don't like saying the years because it makes me feel old. 

I am a studio based florist (floral designer, if you will) 

Specialising in wedding florals for the south coast we want to bring you beautiful florals with a unique style. 

We want you to love your florals!! When you get excited about the flowers, that makes us excited as we want to work alongside our couples and create something Beautiful and complementary to the big day, we want to work alongside your other chosen suppliers and create something incredible.

Along side wedding florals, we do some Beautiful farewell tributes.

We also create florals for all seasons, gifts and why not.. yourself, we all like a little treat now and again.

That is enough about me, check out our social media to keep up to date with our day to day ramblings and  content.


Thanks For Reading

Jade xxx


Phone and Whatsapp: 07391977526


 Instagram: @Ivy__And __Wild 

Facebook: Ivy And  Wild

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