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A Little About Me

About Me!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

So, a little something about me, My names Jade and I have been in the floristry business since I left school at sweet 16. 

I quickly knew that a more creative path was more suited to me, I worked for a short time in other florists then took the leap with a little help from my Nan and Grandad and opened my first shop at 18, I then went on to have 3 children and open another but closed after some years of trading as I was penny pinching and it sucked my creativity dry. 

Over the years i have done many a tribute, countless bouquets and many a floral arrangement. 

Up until now I've always been a bit of a people pleaser and have followed a path that I knew well, but did not excite me like the path I am now treading. 

This last year has been incredible and I have tumbled head first into the wonderful world of being me! 

I have took the plunge in going Completely foam free for weddings and gifts and looking to rapidly faze foam out out farewell tributes, to me, this is so important for our environment, the waste from just me alone is shocking, actually scary to think it all just ends up in landfill and the amount I contribute to that...shocking! and vile.

I'm finding, that now I am slowing down slightly, from always being 100mph, I am able to get back to what made me excited about flowers in the first place, its seeing and looking between the lines, finding textures and colour pallets and making them work when they really shouldn't. 

Its about finding creative inspiration wherever I go, whether forest walks, days on the beach, nights in the garden.. there is so much to see and draw inspiration from.

I've also started to Freelance for other florists, its amazing to see just how talented people are.

Along side being a bit of a flower nut, I am a mum of 3 and a Autism family, so there is literally never a dull moment in this household. 

My eldest son who is 15 is non verbal with severe and complex needs, this was the main reason along side penny pinching as to why we gave up the shop, but he is also the reason I'm so passionate about my work.

I can watch him for hours, especially when we are out.

I want to see what he sees, I want to see how he views the world. 

Autism is amazing.

So with that:

We have 2 dogs a pug and a Jug, naughty Nellie and Ada.

A Persian cat called Poldark, that should be a show cat but prefers to lay in branches and dirt, hence his nick name - Mr. Poo


I spend far to much time scrolling the depths of social media, its a bad habit and hobby of mine. 

I laugh when I'm nervous or in a serious situation, bad.

So there it is.. a little something about me.

Meet The Team..Mainly Just me

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